Our Story

Us + Our Family

David & Michelle Deck - A Tale of Two Families


Us + Other Families

Our goal in creating Blue Chocolate is to bring assistance to families in need.


You + Other Families

What you can do to help families in need - including your own.


The Mission

Blue Chocolate Mission

Blue Chocolate’s secondary mission is to create a fun, unique and quality product that not only surpasses the expectations of those who enjoy it, but that also captures the attention of everyone who can understand, appreciate and support those who struggle to keep their family thriving.

Our primary mission, our livelihood, comes from living out the following day to day:   

  • To be an organization which upholds strong family values and glorifies God in as many ways possible (with as much chocolate as possible), and
  • To reach parents, whether single or married, and children, with grace and love. To help them find and receive needed assistance and resources so they may become spiritually healthy, thriving, and in a God-centered relationship with their families, no matter what that looks like.    
  • To encourage and support those who can stand up against the negative and unhealthy ways of the world and claim their identity and value in Christ.